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Pet Friendly Lodging at Our Colorado Bed and Breakfast

When making plans for your next getaway with your family pet, we hope you will make plans to stay with us here at Mountain Goat Lodge. Allow us to share our philosophy and a few ground rules, which we hope will make our two-legged and four-legged guests' stay memorable!

Unlike many hotels & motels that offer a designated "pet-friendly" room which usually features a stinky, stained-carpet room to which guests and their dogs are relegated (along with smokers), Mountain Goat Lodge has raised the bar in defining pet friendly accommodations. As much as we love our guests' pets and our own, we also love a clean lodge. Our "clean team" insures that each room meets the high cleanliness standards we set before our next guests arrive.

What We Offer:

All of our rooms are pet friendly! While we realize that there are guests who potentially won't stay with us due to extreme allergies to pet dander and/or aversion to animals, that's a small price to pay for all of the wonderful guests that come to us in large part because of our pet policy.

In addition to our rooms accommodating pets, we also have a 20X40 kennel, with 6-foot-tall chain link fence and a dog house for shelter if you would like your pet to spend time in our great mountain air for a while.

We also have a fenced half-acre, off-leash area, which is ideal for ball throwing and general goofing off. All pets must be owner-chaperoned while in this area.

$20 fee per night per dog/cat, which includes a goodie, water bowl and dog bed.

$20 fee per night per horse, which includes hay, water, and 12' x 12' stall and corral use. We will require a negative coggins & health certificate

Pet sitting and kisses are free!

What Can You Expect:

Behavior: We experience great behavior by the dogs and their owners. After all, who would bring an ill-behaved pet on vacation and expect to have fun? Our guests are so grateful that they can travel with their pets that they bend over backwards to make sure their pet is not a problem.

Cleanliness: More about that clean lodge we talked about above. Clean rooms are extremely important to us at the inn. We recently invested in new Dyson vacuum cleaners, and they do not disappoint. After each check out, our clean team goes to work on every square inch of carpet, bedding, and any other surface including the couches to make sure that all traces of our last visit from an adorable Jack Russell or Labrador Retriever are eliminated, and we are ready to welcome our next guest.

NEW: "We know that often our little buddies like to cuddle and sleep on the bed with us. We get it, and we love ours too. To help maintain our cleanliness standards, we'd really appreciate it if you could bring an extra blanket and throw it over the bed while you're here - that just helps us make sure everything is really clean for our next guest. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's tought to get all that hair up every day. Thanks for understanding."

Barn & Corral: Now that we have a new barn, we have a corral and stalls for visiting horses. This is a new venture for us - so please call if you will be bringing a horse, and we can discuss your needs.


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